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              British Columbia Library Association


              The British Columbia Library Association leads the library community in advocy, professional development, and support of intellectual freedom. We ensure that all British Columbians have equitable access to information, ideas, and works of the imagination.

              2022/2023 Board announcement

              It’s our pleasure to introduce the 2022/2023 BCLA Board of Directors: Todd Mundle, President Tracey Therrien, Incoming President Donald Taylor, Treasurer Sarah Felkar, Incoming Treasurer Alyssa Green, Director-at-Large Jorge Cárdenas, Director-at-Large Sajni Lacey,

              BCLA letters to government advoting for effective solutions to hate and discrimination

              At the 2020 AGM, BCLA passed a resolution titled mpaign for politil action to combat discrimination and hate directed at equity-seeking groups. As proposed in the resolution, BCLA has sent letters to federal

              $8 Million in One-Time Provincial Funding for BC Public Libraries

              One of BCLA’s priorities is to advote for public libraries with the BC Government, and we do that by working with ABCPLD, BCLTA, and the BC Libraries Coop as the BC Public Library

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